Self-powered broadband photodetection enabled by facile CVD-grown MoS2/GaN heterostructures

Bor Wei Liang, Wen Hao Chang, Chun Sheng Huang, You Jia Huang, Jyun Hong Chen, Kai Shin Li, Kristan Bryan Simbulan, Harshvardhan Kumar, Ching Yuan Su, Chieh Hsiung Kuan, Yann Wen Lan*


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Achieving self-powered photodetection without biasing is a notable challenge for photodetectors. In this work, we demonstrate the successful fabrication of large-scale van der Waals epitaxial molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) on a p-GaN/sapphire substrate using a straightforward chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique. Our research primarily centers on the characterization of these photodetectors produced through this method. The MoS2/GaN heterojunction photodetector showcases a broad and extensive photoresponse spanning from ultraviolet A (UVA) to near-infrared (NIR). When illuminated by a 532 nm laser, its self-powered photoresponse is characterized by a rise time (τr) of ∼18.5 ms and a decay time (τd) of ∼123.2 ms. The photodetector achieves a responsivity (R) of ∼0.13 A W−1 and a specific detectivity (D*) of ∼3.8 × 1010 Jones at zero bias. Additionally, while utilizing a 404 nm laser, the photodetector reaches a maximum R and D* of ∼1.7 × 104 A/W and ∼1.6 × 1013 Jones, respectively, at Vb = 5 V. The operational mechanism of the device can be explained by the diode characteristics involving a tunneling current in the presence of reverse bias. The exceptional performance of these photodetectors can be attributed to the pristine interface between the CVD-grown MoS2 and GaN, providing an impeccably clean tunneling surface. Additionally, our investigation has unveiled that MoS2/GaN heterostructure photodetectors, featuring MoS2 coverage percentages spanning from 20% to 50%, exhibit improved responsivity capabilities at an external bias voltage. As a result, this facile CVD growth technique for MoS2 photodetectors holds significant potential for large-scale production in the manufacturing industry.

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