Self-complementarity of oligo-2-aminopyridines: A new class of hydrogen-bonded ladders

Man Kit Leung, Ashis B. Mandal, Chih Chieh Wang, Gene Hsiang Lee, Shie Ming Peng, Hsing Ling Cheng, Guor Rong Her, Ito Chao, Hsiu Feng Lu, Ying-Chieh Sun, Mei Ying Shiao, Pi Tai Chou

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A new class of hydrogen-bonded ladders based on hydrogen-bonded dimerization of oligo-α-aminopryidines has been demonstrated. Jorgensen's model can be successfully applied to this hydrogen-bonding system in nonpolar solvents. The results show the competitive enthalpy/entropy compensation relationship upon dimerization. Although increasing the number of hydrogen-bonding interactions would enhance the hydrogen-bonding stabilization enthalpy, this stabilization enthalpy per unit would be partially sacrificed to compensate for the entropy loss due to dimerization. These results clearly support the importance of preorganization in designing hydrogen-bonding guest - host molecules.

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期刊Journal of the American Chemical Society
出版狀態已發佈 - 2002 四月 24

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