Scalable fabrication of a complementary logic inverter based on MoS2 fin-shaped field effect transistors

Yann Wen Lan*, Po Chun Chen, Yun Yan Lin, Ming Yang Li, Lain Jong Li, Yu Ling Tu, Fu Liang Yang, Min Cheng Chen, Kai Shin Li


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Integration of high performance n-type and p-type field-effect transistors with complementary device operation in the same kind of layered materials is highly desirable for pursuing low power and flexible next-generation electronics. In this work, we have shown a well-mannered growth of MoS2 on a fin-shaped oxide structure and integration of both n-type and p-type MoS2 by using a traditional implantation technique. With the advance of the fin-shaped structure, the maxima and the effective ON current density for the MoS2 fin-shaped field-effect transistors are respectively obtained to be about 50 μA μm-1 (normalized by the circumference of the fin) and around 500 μA μm-1 (only normalized by the fin size), while its ON/OFF ratio is more than 106 with low OFF current of a few pA. Based on our n-type and p-type MoS2 fin-shaped field-effect transistors, the complementary MoS2 inverter with a high DC voltage gain of more than 20 is acquired. Our results provide evidence for complementary 2D material operation in the same materials, a promising avenue for the development of high performance and high-density complementary 2D electronic devices.

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期刊Nanoscale Horizons
出版狀態已發佈 - 2019 五月

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