Robust vector qantization for burst error channels

Wen Jyi Hwang*, Chien Min Ou, Chin Ming Yeh


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This paper presents a novel vector quantizer (VQ) design algorithm for a burst error channel (BEC). The Gilbert-Elliot model is used to describe the BEC. Based on the model, the objective of this algorithm is to minimize the average distortion when the BEC is in a normal state of operation, while maintaining a minimum fidelity when the BEC is in the undesirable state. Both the encoding and decoding operations of the VQ depend on the channel state observations. An optimal iterative design procedure is then derived for the general case where only noisy channel state information is available. Numerical results show that, when delivering information over the BEC's, the algorithm significantly outperforms VQ techniques optimizing the design only to the simple binary symmetric channels.

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