Resistive response to a microwave field in high temperature superconducting crystals

C. J. Wu*, T. Y. Tseng


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The microwave properties of high temperature superconducting crystals in the resistive states are theoretically investigated. The single crystals in the shapes of platelet and cylinder in parallel field configuration are considered. The microwave responses are analyzed from the associated effective r.f. magnetic permeabilities. The influence of the anisotropic resistivity on the microwave response is stressed in an anisotropic superconductor. The results indicate the importance of thin edges of the platelet crystal to the microwave properties. In the isotropic superconductor, a relationship between the responses of a square rod and a cylinder is found. The results show that the microwave properties of a cylinder can be essentially replaced by those of a square rod and vice versa. Also the geometric effect on the response is illustrated in the isotropic superconductor.

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期刊Materials Chemistry and Physics
出版狀態已發佈 - 1997 3月 15

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