Reptile Search Algorithm (RSA)-Based Selective Harmonic Elimination Technique in Packed E-Cell (PEC-9) Inverter

Rashid Ahmed Khan, Bushra Sabir, Adil Sarwar, Hwa Dong Liu*, Chang Hua Lin


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The multilevel inverters (MLIs) are capable of handling large quantities of power and generating high-quality output voltages. Consequently, the size of the filters is reduced, and the circuitry is simplified. As a result, they have a diverse range of uses in the industrial sector, especially in smart grids. The input voltage boosting feature is required to utilize the MLI with renewable energy. In addition, a large number of components are required to attain higher output voltage levels, which increases the cost of the circuit and weight. A variety of MLI topologies have been identified to reduce losses, device quantity, and device ratings. The selective harmonic elimination (SHE) approaches reduce distinct lower order harmonics by computing the ideal switching angles. This research presents a nine–level Packed E–Cell (PEC–9) inverter that uses selective harmonic elimination to eliminate total harmonic distortion. In order to calculate the best switching angle, the reptile search algorithm (RSA) is implemented in this paper, a nature–inspired metaheuristic algorithm inspired by the hunting behavior of the crocodile. The hunting behavior of crocodiles is implemented in two main steps: the first is encircling, which is accomplished by belly walking or high walking, and the second is hunting, which is accomplished by hunting cooperation or hunting coordination. In this technique, nonlinear transcendental equations have been solved. The simulation was run in the MATLAB R2021b software environment. The simulation results suggest that the RSA outperforms the other metaheuristic algorithms. Furthermore, the simulation result was validated on a hardware setup using DSP–TMS320F28379D in the laboratory.

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