Reliability improvement of fluorescent lamp using grey forecasting model

C. H. Chiao*, W. Y. Wang


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In this paper, we present a case study which used an experiment to improve the reliability (or lifetime) of fluorescent lamps. The effect of three factors from among many potentially important manufacturing factors was investigated by using statistically designed experiments. For fluorescent lamps, failure occurs when their luminosity or light intensity falls below a certain level. An interesting feature of this experiment is the periodic monitoring of the luminosity. The paper demonstrates how the luminosity's degradation over time and grey forecasting model provide a practical way to improve the lifetime of fluorescent lamps which are already highly reliable. Recommendations based on the experiment's results suggest that nearly a 75% improvement can be expected.

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期刊Microelectronics Reliability
出版狀態已發佈 - 2002 一月

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