Relative Entropy and Torsion Coupling

Feng Li Lin, Bo Ning

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Based on the the geometric realization of entanglement entropy via Ryu-Takayanagi formula, in this work we evaluate the relative entropy for the holographic deformed CFT dual to the torsion gravity coupled to the fermions of nonzero vev in the Einstein-Cartan formulation. We find that the positivity and monotonicity of the relative entropy imposes constraint on the strength of axial-current coupling, fermion mass and equation of state. Our work is the first example to demonstrate the nontrivial constraint on the bulk gravity theory from the quantum information inequalities. Especially, this constraint is beyond the symmetry action principle and should be understood as the unitarity constraint. This talk is based on the work [1] of the authors.

期刊Journal of Physics: Conference Series
出版狀態已發佈 - 2017 8月 24
事件6th IF+YITP International Symposium on Superstring Theory, the Quantum Theory of Fields, Gravity, Cosmology, and Related Topics - Phitsanulok, 泰国
持續時間: 2016 8月 32016 8月 5

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