Recreation and tourism service systems featuring high riverbanks in Taiwan

Guey Shin Shyu*, Wei Ta Fang, Bai You Cheng


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    Taiwan's cities exhibit high levels of urbanization, which has resulted in limited recreation space in urban areas. In response, government policies have been enacted to promote the large-scale greening of rivers in urban areas and the establishment of aquatic recreation areas that do not interfere with water flow areas, pavilions for recreation purposes, indoor stadiums, and biking lanes alongside riverbanks to provide citizens with recreation space. An expert team was convened to investigate 50 riverside recreation sites, and the ComfortableWater Environment Rest Assessment Form was devised. The investigation results revealed three factors that contribute to the value of riverside recreation sites; the three factors had a total explanatory power of 70.17%. The factors, namely exercising and leisure, overall design plan and entrance image, and environmental maintenance and service, had an explanatory power of 25.52%, 23.32%, and 21.32%, respectively. Finally, this study provides guidance for constructing service systems for riverside recreation sites by referencing practical cases. This study suggests that future designs focus on the characteristics of visitors as the main consideration when investing resources in recreation sites. In addition, more exercise and recreation equipment and facilities should be provided at recreation sites located within highly populated areas. For recreation sites that feature beautiful scenery, greater degrees of overall design planning and entrance image qualities can be integrated into the recreation sites, and environmental teaching materials can be incorporated into the environment. Furthermore, this study suggests that residents who live near recreation sites form and operate volunteer groups to contribute to environmental maintenance and the relevant services; this would greatly enhance the overall experience of comfort of visitors to the recreation sites. Finally, this study provides guidance for low-intensity construction in high riverbank areas.

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