Rapid post-metallization annealing effects on high-k Y2O3/Si capacitor

T. S. Lay, Y. Y. Liao, W. D. Liu, Y. H. Lai, W. H. Hung, J. Kwo, M. Hong, J. P. Mannaerts

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The rapid thermal annealing effects on thin Pt/Y2O3/Si MOS capacitors have been investigated. After post-metallization annealing at 425 °C in 30 s, the Pt/Y2O3/Si capacitor shows a sharp capacitance-voltage swing of a low oxide charge density ∼7.7 × 1010 cm-2 and a minimum interface state density ∼3.6 × 1010 cm-2eV-1. The depth-profiling X-ray photoelectron spectra show the annihilation of O-H bonding, and stabilization of Y-O bonding in the Y2O3 layer by thermal annealing. However, at the interface, a transition silicate layer of Si-Y-O-H bonding is persistent.

頁(從 - 到)1021-1025
期刊Solid-State Electronics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2003 六月 1

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