Quantum-dot-embedded silica nanotubes as nanoprobes for simple and sensitive DNA detection

Yi Hsin Liu, Yi Yun Tsai, Hsiao Ju Chien, Chien Ying Chen, Yu Feng Huang, Jinn Shiun Chen, Yi Chun Wu*, Chia Chun Chen


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We have developed a new technique using fluorescent silica nanotubes for simple and sensitive DNA detection. The quantum-dot-embedded silica nanotubes (QD-SNTs) were fabricated by a sol-gel reaction using anodic aluminum silica oxide (AAO) as a template. The fluorescent QD-SNTs of different colors were then immobilized with single-stranded DNA and used as nanoprobes for DNA detection. The optical and structural properties of QD-SNT nanoprobes were examined using photoluminescence spectroscopy, confocal microscopy and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The QD-SNT nanoprobes were applied to detect dye-labeled target DNA in a solution phase. The obvious color change of the QD-SNT nanoprobes was observed visually under a simple microscope after the successful detection with target DNA. The quantitative analyses indicated that ∼ 100 attomole of target DNA in one nanoprobe can generate a distinguishable and observable color change. The detection results also demonstrated that our assay exhibited high specificity, high selectivity and very low nonspecific adsorption. Our simple DNA assay based on QD-SNT nanoprobes is expected to be quite useful for the needs of fast DNA screening and detection applications.

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