Properties of Co(1120) /Mo(1oo) /MgO(100) bilayers

I. Klik, U. M. Chen, Y. D. Yao, C. K. Lo, C. P. Chang, S. Y. Liao, Y. Liou

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Co(1120)/Mo(100)/MgO(100) bilayers were grown using molecular beam epitaxy; the thickness of the Co layer was 200 Å and that of the Mo buffer 0, 6, 20 and 50 Å, respectively. Their magnetic, electric and surface properties were studied as functions of the non-magnetic buffer layer thickness and coercivity, resistivity and magnetization at 1 T were found to be correlated with surface roughness. The static scaling exponent was determined to be α = 0.58 ± 0.02 for all films, regardless of the roughness and topography of their surface.

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期刊Applied Surface Science
出版狀態已發佈 - 1997 四月

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