Preparation and UV characterization of TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by SANSS

Ching Song Jwo*, Der Chi Tien, Tun Ping Teng, Ho Chang, Tsing Tshih Tsung, Chih Yu Liao, Chi Hsiang Lin


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This paper proposes preparation and investigation of UV characterization of TiO2 nanocomposite synthesized by SANSS. A Submerge Arc Nano particles Synthesis System (SANSS) to produce TiO2 nano particles in deionized water without any of dispersant [1,2] has been successfully accomplished in this study. Uniform dispersion, deep UV optical absorption, and crystalline structure of TiO2 nano particles are investigated. Particularly, deep UV absorbance is the unique characteristic of TiO2 nano particles synthesized by SANSS. The evidence of deep UV absorbance reveals the unique quantum effect of TiO2 nano particles suspend in deionized water. As a result, the observed absorbance pattern indicates absorbent energy of TiO2 nano fluids synthesized by proposed method is higher than that of TiO2 nano fluids prepared by other conventional fabrication process. The observed UV absorbance of the nano fluids demonstrates the TiO2 molecular tends to react with higher activation energy. After being exposed to the UV light irradiation, the TiO2 nano particles will spontaneously correspond for photo catalytic reaction mechanism through hydroxyl radicals with higher kinetic energy which can cause decomposition of high energetic covalent bond such as C=C, C-H, etc. (Legan, 1982) [3]. The result of the experiment indicates that VOC (volatile organic compounds) with C-C, C=C, C-H structures such as Toluene now is more effectively to be decomposed by UV irradiation with existence of TiO2 nano particles synthesized by proposed SANSS process.

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期刊Reviews on Advanced Materials Science
出版狀態已發佈 - 2005 9月

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