Predictors of Outcome of Dream Work for East Asian Volunteer Clients: Dream Factors, Attachment Anxiety, Asian Values, and Therapist Input

Clara E. Hill, Hsiu Lan S. Tien, Hung Bin Sheu, Wonjin Sim, Yueh er Ma, Keum Hyeong Choi, Ty Tashiro

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Eighty-eight East Asian volunteers were paired with 6 East Asian therapists who provided low or high input in single-dream sessions. Volunteer clients with poor initial functioning on the target problem associated with their dreams and high self-efficacy for working with dreams profited more from dream sessions than did their counterparts. Although no main effects were found for therapist input, volunteer clients who scored higher on attachment anxiety had better outcome in the low-input condition, whereas clients who scored lower on attachment anxiety had better outcome in the high-input condition. Volunteer clients with lower Asian values evaluated low-input sessions more positively, whereas volunteer clients with higher Asian values evaluated high-input sessions more positively. Implications for dream work and future research are suggested.

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