Pre-reading materials from subject matter texts-Learner choices and the underlying learner characteristics

Shu Chen Huang, Yuh Show Cheng, Chiou Lan Chern

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章同行評審

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In this study, attempts were made to design pre-reading materials for EAP reading using resources available from the subject matter texts. These materials were considered more facilitative in motivating learners to read and helping them to understand rather than to decode the texts. EFL college participants read three articles with three types of pre-reading materials-Vocabulary List, Self-Appraisal, and Case Study. Vocabulary Lists served as a more traditional method to be compared with the other two alternative approaches. Self-Appraisal and Case Study were designed for perceptual and inquiry arousal, respectively. After completion of three reading lessons with three different types of pre-reading materials, participants were asked to choose their most and least preferred ones and indicate their reasons. First, two-way contingency table analyses were conducted to examine the preference pattern. Second, comparisons were made among choice groups to see if students with different choices differed significantly in motivational orientation and EFL proficiency as measured in pre-tests. The results showed that students disliking Case Study had lower general academic motivation and EFL reading comprehension than those disliking Self-Appraisal. It is suggested that learner characteristics be considered so that more appropriate facilitation for EAP reading can be provided.

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期刊Journal of English for Academic Purposes
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