Pneumatic Artificial Muscle-Driven Control Loading System (iFUZZY2017)

Chun Ta Chen, Yu Cheng Wu, Fu Wen Chen, Mei Yung Chen*


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A control loading system (CLS) provides a force feel about the state of devices. In this paper, the technique for a pneumatic artificial muscle (PAM)-actuated control loading system is developed. The proposed PAM-based control loading system is made with a steel string fixed at one end and the other end connected to a control column, and a force feedback to an operator can be achieved according to the system state. In order to demonstrate the dynamic force feedback characteristics, a second-order mass-spring-damper model is used for the computed force, and the force control is implemented via the position-loop architecture. Moreover, due to the structure and parametric uncertainties of the designed control loading system, the adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller are employed to improve the fidelity feeling of the force exerted on the control column. Benchmark tests compare the adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller with other controllers. Results demonstrate the designed PAM-driven control loading system.

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期刊International Journal of Fuzzy Systems
出版狀態已發佈 - 2018 八月 1

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