Photodecomposition of gaseous toluene using TiO2 prepared by SANSS

C. S. Jwo, D. C. Tien, L. C. Chen, T. P. Teng, H. Chang, C. H. Lin, T. T. Tsung

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This study examined the photodecomposition of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using TiO2 catalyst fabricated by the submerged arc nanoparticle synthesis system (SANSS). The TiO2 catalyst was employed to decompose gaseous toluene and compared with Degussa-P25 TiO2 in terms of decomposition efficiency. It was found that gaseous toluene exposed to UV irradiation produced intermediates that were even harder to decompose. After 60-min of photocomposition, Degussa-P25 TiO2 reduced the concentration of gaseous toluene to 8.18% while the concentration after decomposition by SANSS TiO2 catalyst dropped to 0.35%. The results show that TiO2 prepared by SANSS has great efficiency in decomposing both gaseous toluene and its intermediates.

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期刊Journal of Physics: Conference Series
出版狀態已發佈 - 2005 一月 1

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