Paper spray-MS for bioanalysis

Cheng Huang Lin*, Wei Ching Liao, Hsin Kai Chen, Ting Yang Kuo


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This Review provides a general understanding of paper spray-MS, including the methodology and theory associated with a number of different related applications. This method has become a direct sampling/ionization method for mass spectrometric analysis at ambient conditions and, as a result, it has greatly simplified and increased the speed of mass-spectrum analysis. It has now become an increasingly popular and important method for MS. The first part of this review discusses the fundamentals of paper spray. Some modifications are also reviewed, including nib-assisted paper spray, droplet monitoring, high-throughput paper spray, leaf spray, tissue spray and wooden tip spray. The second part focuses on recent applications, including the analysis of DBS, foodstuffs, drugs and oil. These studies show that paper spray-MS has great potential for use as a fast sampling ionization method, and for the direct analysis of biological and chemical samples at ambient conditions.

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