Palindromic-like representation for Gaussian normal basis multiplier over GF(2m) with odd type t

C. W. Chiou, T. P. Chuang, S. S. Lin, C. Y. Lee, J. M. Lin, Y. C. Yeh

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Palindromic representation is generally used to reduce space and time complexities in Gaussian normal basis (GNB) multiplier with even type t. However, palindromic representation is inapplicable for a GNB multiplier with odd type t ($t \geq 2$). This study therefore develops a palindromic-like representation for a GNB multiplier with odd type t. The proposed systolic GNB multiplier with odd type t reduces space and time complexities by as much as 50 compared with conventional GNB multiplier with odd type t without palindromic representation.

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期刊IET Information Security
出版狀態已發佈 - 2012 十二月 1

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