Overexcitabilities: Empirical studies and application

Hsin Jen Chang*, Ching Chih Kuo


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Ever since Dr. Dabrowski raised his theory of positive disintegration, several studies focusing on overexcitabilities (OEs) have been performed. This study reviewed previous findings on overexcitabilities and their application, focusing in particular on studies in Taiwan. Since 2001, a series of studies related to overexcitabilities has been proposed. The dimensions of these studies included the development of OE scales (The Me Scale I, The Me Scale II, and The Emotional Scale), OE patterns among grade levels, intensity of OEs in gifted and talented students, the strongest OE traits of gifted and talented students, emotional level, adjustment, and emotional OE, and correlation between OE and brain structure. Results have been synthesized into several categories for research application, such as identification, gifted and talented students, gender differences, age differences, creativity, and psychological adjustment.

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期刊Learning and Individual Differences
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