Optical absorption studies of pyrite-type RuS2 RuSe2 and RuTe2 single crystals

T. R. Yang, Ying Sheng Huang, Y. K. Chyan, J. D. Chang

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Far-Inflated optical characterization of pyrite - type RuS2 RuSe2 and RuTe2 have been studied by absorption measurements. We measured these three types of pyrite single crystals in spectra ranging from 100 - 700 cm-1 at temperature among 80 - 300 K. Those vibration modes of these crystals are clearly shown temperature dependent behavior in far-infrared range. The main peaks ofphonon modes of RuSz are near around 244 · 341 · 366 · 401 and 416 cm-1 at 80 K that is shown in its reflectance spectra. There are three main phonon peaks clearly showed 207 · 257 and 297 cm-1 for RuSe2 single crystal. However RuTe2 crystal has only clearly shown a main phonon peak near around 247 cm-1 at 80 K in the reflectance spectra for its highly metallic behavior. This metallic behavior of RuTe2 is also shown in photo reflectance measurements. All of these phonon modes have 2 - 4 cm-1 shift in among 80 - 300 K. The phonon modes, carrier concentration, mobility, effective mass as well as their dielectric behavior of these pyrite-type crystals will go further study.

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期刊Czechoslovak Journal of Physics
發行號SUPPL. 5
出版狀態已發佈 - 1996

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