Online discussions concerning current events - Elucidation of cultural values

Jing Huey Hwang*


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This study aims to explore the general public's discussions, in view of cultural values, regarding current events via news forums on the web. The study begins with a review of literature, and based on the review several issues are further raised. In later sections, both qualitative and quantitative analyses are used in this study. The results indicate that (1) discussions are not limited within particular subjects of current events; (2) participants' standpoints on cultural values are essentially traditional, but somewhat with variations and, (3) views are generally conveyed in a confident and yet non-confrontational, straightforward and yet shallow manner, and discussions are heated in proportion to the prominence of events reported. At the end of this study issues are rendered forward for further research.

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期刊Mass Communication Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 2008 四月

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