On-demand misbehavior detection for vehicular ad hoc network

Yao Hua Ho*, Chun Han Lin, Ling Jyh Chen


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Maintaining communication links of an established communication path that extends between source and destination nodes is a significant challenge in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks due to movement of the vehicles. Operations of Vehicular Ad Hoc Network rely on the collaboration of participating nodes to route data for each other. A critical requirement on the nodes is to cooperate with each other for successful data transmission. Thus, the impact of malicious and selfish users must be detected to ensure the operations of Vehicular Ad Hoc Network. In this article, we proposed Ondemand Misbehavior Detection technique for vehicle-to-vehicle communication. We adapt two location-based routing protocols, Contention-Based Forwarding and Connectionless Approach for Streets, to our On-demand Misbehavior Detection. Various experiments are conducted to show the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed On-demand Misbehavior Detection technique. The simulation and analytical results showed that the proposed technique is very effective in detecting misbehaving nodes.

期刊International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks
出版狀態已發佈 - 2016 10月

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