On climbing winding stairs for a robotic wheelchair

Chun-Ta Chen*, Te Tan Liao, Hoang Vuong Pham


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In this paper motion analysis on a winding stair-climbing is investigated using our proposed rotational arm type of robotic wheelchair. For now, the robotic wheelchair is operated in an open mode to climb winding stairs by a dynamic turning, therefore, the dynamics model is required to ensure a passenger's safety. Equations of motion based on the skid-steering analysis are developed for the trajectory planning and motion analysis on climbing winding stairs. Since the robotic wheelchair must climb a winding staircase stably, the winding trajectory becomes a constraint equation to be followed, and the Baumgarte's method is used to solve for the constrained dynamics equations. Experimental results validate the behavior of the prototype as it climbs a winding stair.

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期刊World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2010 五月 1

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