Numerical study of pseudoscalar inflation with an axion-gauge field coupling

Shu Lin Cheng, Wolung Lee, Kin Wang Ng

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A numerical study of a pseudoscalar inflation having an axion-photon-like coupling is performed by solving numerically the coupled differential equations of motion for inflaton and photon mode functions from the onset of inflation to the end of reheating. The backreaction due to particle production is also included self-consistently. We find that this particular inflation model realizes the idea of a warm inflation in which a steady thermal bath is established by the particle production. In most cases, this thermal bath exceeds the amount of radiation released in the reheating process. In the strong coupling regime, the transition from the inflationary to the radiation-dominated phase does not involve either a preheating nor reheating process. In addition, energy density peaks produced near the end of inflation may lead to the formation of primordial black holes.

期刊Physical Review D
出版狀態已發佈 - 2016 3月 11

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