Novel User-Placement Ushering Mechanism to Improve Quality-of-Service for Femtocell Networks

Chiapin Wang, Shih Hau Fang, Hsiao Chun Wu, Sheng Min Chiou, Wen Hsing Kuo, Po Chiang Lin

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Today, it is essential to provide the sufficient quality-of-service (QoS) for real-time mobile applications over wireless channels. Researchers have proposed a variety of solutions, thereby, including resource allocation, data scheduling, and cross-layer design, etc. However, hardly any previous study has investigated the advantage of users' mobility. This paper proposes a novel QoS-oriented navigation approach to usher the mobile device(s) to the appropriate location, which can enable a sufficient QoS. The proposed mechanism will establish a two-dimensional geographical packet-success-rate (PSR) map, which can help to guide the mobile user(s) to locate the spot providing the QoS sufficing the application(s). With the help of the indoor positioning system and this PSR map, an innovative ushering method can be facilitated for the appropriate mobile users' placement to reach the satisfactory QoS. The corresponding performance for our proposed scheme has been evaluated through the experiments over the femtocell network. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed method to provide the sufficient QoS by ushering the user's placement for three networked multimedia applications.

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期刊IEEE Systems Journal
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