Nonstationary El Niño teleconnection on the post-summer upwelling off Vietnam

You Lin Wang, Chau Ron Wu*


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Summer upwelling has often been observed off Vietnam in the South China Sea (SCS). Occasional disappearance of the upwelling has attracted much attention because it modulates the regional climate and harms surrounding fisheries. Fluctuations of the East Asian monsoon associated with El Niño are considered responsible for the weakened or abolished upwelling. However, analyses of observations performed in the present study were equivocal in terms of the dominant influence of El Niño. Based on long-term sea surface temperature data, we demonstrated that weak upwelling off Vietnam occurs more frequently during periods of accelerated global warming compared to warming hiatus periods. Warming signals in the Indian Ocean vanished relatively quickly during the hiatus period. The accompanying easterly anomalies south of the anomalous anticyclone (AAC) in the northwestern Pacific were also weakened, reducing the impact of the El Niño teleconnection on the SCS summer monsoon and thus preserving the regular post-summer upwelling off Vietnam during warming hiatus periods.

期刊Scientific reports
出版狀態已發佈 - 2020 十二月 1

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