No Gap Second-Order Optimality Conditions for Circular Conic Programs

Yue Lu, Jein Shan Chen, Ning Zhang

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In this article, we study the second-order optimality conditions for a class of circular conic optimization problem. First, the explicit expressions of the tangent cone and the second-order tangent set for a given circular cone are derived. Then, we establish the closed-form formulation of critical cone and calculate the “sigma” term of the aforementioned optimization problem. At last, in light of tools of variational analysis, we present the associated no gap second-order optimality conditions. Compared to analogous results in the literature, our approach is intuitive and straightforward, which can be manipulated and verified. An example is illustrated to this end.

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期刊Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization
出版狀態已發佈 - 2019 七月 27

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