Neural simulation of Petri nets

S. W. Chen, C. Y. Fang, K. E. Chang*


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Petri nets and neural networks share a number of analogies. Investigations of their relationships can be sorted into two categories: (a) the modeling of neural activities with Petri nets, and (b) the neural simulation of Petri nets. The work presented in this paper belongs to the second category. Unlike divide-and-conquer approaches, the proposed method settles the extraneous skeleton of simulators. Inherent distinctions of Petri nets are characterized by the individual constituents of simulators. The constructed simulators thus reveal a consistently uniform structure on a macroscopic level. Compared with those generated by the divide-and-conquer approaches, ours look much portable and are empirically economic. Furthermore, in a fully parallel machine with enough nodes the overall time complexity of the neural simulator will be constant.

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期刊Parallel Computing
出版狀態已發佈 - 1999

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