Multiplicative Jordan decomposition in group rings of 3-groups

Chia Hsin Liu, D. S. Passman

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In this paper, we essentially classify those finite 3-groups G having integral group rings with the multiplicative Jordan decomposition property. If G is abelian, then it is clear that ℤ[G] satisfies MJD. Thus, we are only concerned with the nonabelian case. Here we show that ℤ[G] has the MJD property for the two nonabelian groups of order 33. Furthermore, we show that there are at most three other specific nonabelian groups, all of order 34, with ℤ[G] having the MJD property. Unfortunately, we are unable to decide which, if any, of these three satisfies the appropriate condition.

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期刊Journal of Algebra and its Applications
出版狀態已發佈 - 2009

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