Multielectron photochemistry of quadruply bonded metal-metal complexes

Colleen M. Partigianoni, I. Jy Chang, Daniel G. Nocera

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The structural, electronic, and oxidation-reduction properties of multiply bonded metal-metal ({A figure is presented}) dimers presage a rich excited state chemistry for these complexes. Our work has emphasized photochemical pathways that utilize ({A figure is presented}) dimers to promote overall multielectron transformations. Multielectron photochemistry can only be achieved by correctly manipulating the molecular and electronic structures of these dimers such that one-electron pathways are circumvented. We now present a summary of the strategy used for the rational design of ({A figure is presented}) multielectron photochemical schemes.

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期刊Coordination Chemistry Reviews
出版狀態已發佈 - 1990 一月

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