Microwave resonant transmission in a superconducting fabry-perot bilayer

Chien Jang Wu*, Heng Tung Hsu, Tzong Jer Yang


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Microwave resonant transmission properties in a superconducting Fabry-Perot bilayer made of a high-temperature superconductor (YBa 2Cu 3O 7-x ) and a nearly ferroelectric superconductor (n-SrTiO 3) are theoretically investigated. The effect of high-temperature superconducting layer on the unusual resonant transmittance existing in a nearly ferroelectric superconductor is investigated. It is shown that a frequency-agile two-layer coating can be obtained with the addition of the high-temperature superconducting coating. Resonant frequencies can be shifted by varying the thickness of this coating. In addition, the ultra-narrow filtering feature makes such a bilayer resonator useful in the superconducting microwave electronics, such as a frequency sampler or spectrum analyzer in the signal processing.

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期刊Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism
出版狀態已發佈 - 2009 7月

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