Mental toughness in sport: A review and prospect

Yu Kai Chang*, Lin Chi, Chih Shiung Huang


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Numerous studies have indicated that mental toughness plays a significant role in successful sports performance. However, most early research into the effects of mental toughness was merely descriptive, and only recently were the theoretical and systematic bases of mental toughness structures and concepts significantly established. Additionally, previous studies were based on a variety of measurements and research designs focusing on mental toughness structures and concepts, resulting in a number of non-identical points of view. In order to further understand the development of contemporary mental tenacity research, the purpose of this manuscript is to review those studies examining the relationship between mental toughness and sports performance, as well as focusing on the following four specific sections including the early views on mental toughness, contemporary mental toughness research applying qualitative approaches, contemporary mental toughness research using quantitative approaches, and research on mental toughness and other mental variables. Conclusion and future research recommendations in these areas are also covered.

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期刊International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2012 三月

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