Magnetic field dependence of Cotton-Mouton rotation for magnetic fluid films

H. E. Horng*, Chin Yih Hong, H. C. Yang, I. J. Jang, S. Y. Yang, J. M. Wu, S. L. Lee, F. C. Kuo


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    The azimuthal distribution of the transmitted intensity of a linearly polarized laser beam through a 6 μm-thick magnetic fluid film was measured under various magnetic fields H normal to the direction of the light propagation to study the magnetic field dependent Cotton-Mouton (C-M) effect of the sample. Here, the azimuthal angle η is the angle between the transmission axes of the polarizer and the analyzer. For obtaining the most significant variation in the polarization of the incident light, the angle between H and the polarization of the incident light θ is set to be 45°. The I-η curves were found to be symmetric with relative maximum at ηI=max around 0° and minimum at ηI=min around 90°. Furthermore, these curves showed a gradual shift up to Δη = 1.55° with respect to the curve under zero magnetic field as H increased to 250 Oe. All the details will be discussed in this report.

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    期刊Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
    出版狀態已發佈 - 1999 七月

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