Low-temperature phase transitions and twin-domain structure of (NH 4)3H(SeO4)2 studied by the electron paramagnetic resonance of Cu2+, VO2+and SeO 3-

Ching Jiun Wu, Jiang-Tsu Yu, Mei Na Tsai, Ssu Hao Lou

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EPR of Cu2+, VO2+, SeO3-, and other paramagnetic impurities and species were used to study the low-temperature phase transitions and twin-domain structure of (NH4) 3H(SeO4)2 crystals. The major findings are; (i) twinning in the monoclinic phases is of the merohedral type (there are three kinds of small domain related by rotations of +or-120 degrees abut the trigonal c axis), (ii) EPR of Cu2+ or SeO3- reveals the coexistence of the high-temperature and the low- temperature phases below the trigonal R3m to monoclinic A2/a phase transition and on further transitions, however, into the two other low-temperature monoclinic phases a single phase was again observed and (iii) impurities and lattice point defects created by ionizing radiations were observed to influence the twinning and crystal structure of the host compound.

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期刊Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
出版狀態已發佈 - 1991 十二月 1


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