Low temperature heat capacity of layered superconductors SrNi 2Ge2 and SrPd2Ge2

T. L. Hung, I. A. Chen, C. H. Huang, C. Y. Lin, C. W. Chen, Y. B. You, S. T. Jian, M. C. Yang, Y. Y. Hsu, J. C. Ho, Y. Y. Chen, H. C. Ku*


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Low-temperature heat capacity C(T) of the weakly electron-correlated SrNi2Ge2 122-layer compound undergoes a superconducting transition with onset at 1.4 K and a bulk T c =0.75 K, where heat-capacity jump ratio ΔC(T c )/γT c =0.88-1.05. A small average superconducting energy gap E g (ave)=2.21 kT c =0.14 meV is derived for this multi-gap superconductor. Similar results for isostructural SrPd2Ge2 include T c (onset)=3.5 K, bulk T c of 2.92 K, ΔC(T c )/γT c =0.70 and E g (ave)=2.54 kT c =0.64 meV. The higher T c onset could be associated with stoichiometric 1:2:2 grains in the polycrystalline samples. In addition, deviations of E g /kT c from the BCS ratio of 3.5 suggest that, just like their iron-based counterpart, these 122-layer germanides may also exhibit an unconventional, fully-opened multi-gap s-wave superconductivity.

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期刊Journal of Low Temperature Physics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2013 四月

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