Lomatogonium chilaiensis (Gentianaceae), a newly recorded genus and new species in Taiwan

C. H. Chen, J. C. Wang*


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A newly recorded genus Lomatogonium A. Braun (Gentianaceae) from Taiwan, and a new species L. chilaiensis C. H. Chen and J. C. Wang are described and illustrated. Lomatogonium Chilaiensis, thus far known only from one population, was found on the high-altitudinal (ca. 3,100-3,300 m) moist gravelly, slopes and cliff faces of Mt. Chilaishan of Taroko National Park. The new species is most similar to L. carinthiacum (Wulfen) Reichenbach, a widely distributed species, but differs from the latter by its nearly white corolla, calyx lobes almost equal in length to the corolla lobes, with the apex acute to acuminate, and appendages on nectaries few or absent.

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期刊Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica
出版狀態已發佈 - 2000

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