Lipase-catalyzed alcoholysis of triglycerides for short-chain monoglyceride production

Guan Chiun Lee, Dong Lin Wang, Yi Fang Ho, Jei Fu Shaw*


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Lipase from Pseudomonas fluorescens efficiently catalyzed the alcoholysis of various TG in dry alcohols. For TG with short-chain FA, more MG were accumulated. The yields of MG were affected by the alcohols used. The maximum yields of MG were as follows: 85% for monoacetin in n-butanol, 96% for monobutyrin in ethanol or n-butanol, 50% for monocaprylin in n-butanol, 48% for monolaurin in isopropanol, and 45% for monopalmitin in isopropanol. The MG produced were judged to be 2-MG by TLC analysis. The presence of organic cosolvent affected the reaction rate of the lipase-catalyzed alcoholysis of TG. For the alcoholysis of various TG in ethanol and cosolvent (1:1, vol/vol), the rates had the following orders: (i) for tributyrin, hexane > toluene > acetone > ethyl acetate > chloroform > acetonitrile > pyridine; (ii) for tricaprylin, hexane > acetone > toluene > acetonitrile > ethyl acetate > pyridine > chloroform; and (iii) for trilaurin, hexane > acetonitrile = acetone > ethyl acetate > pyridine = chloroform > toluene.

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期刊JAOCS, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society
出版狀態已發佈 - 2004 6月

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