Lenticular display with infrared watermark by modified digital halftoning techniques

Y. I. Liao, H. C. Wang*, Y. H. Kuo, Y. T. Tsai


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The objective of this research is to use modified digital halftoning techniques of Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Frequency Modulation (FM) to integrate lenticular lenses with switching images and embedded infrared watermarks. Modified digital halftoning techniques have been used to compose animated graphics and the infrared watermark. The infrared watermark consists of varied combinations of AM/FM or FM/FM halftone dots in black/cyan, magenta and yellow inks. Since the carbon material in black ink can absorb infrared light, the hidden watermark becomes visible under infrared detection. Using a lenticular lens, the image-switching e ect can be achieved by viewing from different orientations. The results show that FM/FM halftone dots have a better performance in implementing a lenticular display with both image-switching features and hidden watermarks that can be observed under infrared light. The technique developed in this research can provide value-added applications for anti-forgery and product protection.

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期刊Scientia Iranica
出版狀態已發佈 - 2015

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