Learning Culture in Business Chinese Curriculum: Business Professionals’ Perspectives

Hsin Hsin Cindy Lee, Li Yu Chen*


研究成果: 書貢獻/報告類型篇章


When Taiwanese companies globalize their businesses, they need a framework to facilitate employees’ intercultural competence. Such a framework serves to ensure that everyone, no matter which country of origin, is able to work together to achieve high cohesion and efficiency in communication. A series of qualitative research conducted by the researchers shows that although language barriers often cause communication problems regardless of venue, cross-cultural misunderstandings are even more prominent in Taiwan’s international offices. This thus leads to foreign business professionals’ needs to learning about Taiwanese business culture. Recommendations and suggestions are made for the curriculum design of business Chinese study programs. Through a study of business Chinese and Taiwan business culture in a well-designed program, foreign business professionals will enjoy more support and resources to fit into the local business culture so that they can expect to be successful in the parts of their careers that take place in Taiwan.

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出版狀態已發佈 - 2019


名字Chinese Language Learning Sciences

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