Language productions and action strategies: towards a semioconstructivist approach of the Basket-ball in Taiwan

Ching-Wei Chang, Nathalie Wallian, Michael Nachon, Jean Francis Gréhaigne

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In Taiwan, the "technique approach and happy physical education programs" were traditionally used by the teaching practices. Recently, the National Council of Sciences has been developing a new research program. The aim was to introduce a constructivist approach of the ball games learning. This student-centered approach postulates that tactical knowledge and motor skills are interweaved within the opposition relationship. The rapport of strength evolves between the player's interactions during the game play situations. Language productions about action strategies produce an impact on learning. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to describe and to understand how verbal exchanges between students improve their basketball game play. A debate of idea set-up (DIS) was proposed to a 5 th grade PE class (n = 32; age 11) during a complete school basketball learning cycle (T = 800'effective practice). Located between two game plays, the DIS allowed students exchanging about the observed facts and the projected actions. The Speach Acts Theory concepts (discursive pragmatics and conversational analysis) provided the methodological underpinnings. A discourse analysis was used according to the produced effects of the exchanges. Through case studies, a microanalysis on significant verbal data helped understanding how and which knowledge was effectively co-constructed. Results showed (1) the emergence of a dialogic area; (2) the pre-eminence to a systemic reading of the force ratio; (3) the extraction of efficient action rules. Perspectives concern the expanding of the semioconstructivist approach within the PE teacher training teacher education, where the utilization of the DIS may change pedagogical practices.

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