Lamellar assembly of cadmium selenide nanoclusters into quantum belts

Yi-Hsin Liu, Fudong Wang, Yuanyuan Wang, Patrick C. Gibbons, William E. Buhro

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Here, we elucidate a double-lamellar-template pathway for the formation of CdSe quantum belts. The lamellar templates form initially by dissolution of the CdX2 precursors in the n-octylamine solvent. Exposure of the precursor templates to selenourea at room temperature ultimately affords (CdSe)13 nanoclusters entrained within the double-lamellar templates. Upon heating, the nanoclusters are transformed to CdSe quantum belts having widths, lengths, and thicknesses that are predetermined by the dimensions within the templates. This template synthesis is responsible for the excellent optical properties exhibited by the quantum belts. We propose that the templated-growth pathway is responsible for the formation of the various flat, colloidal nanocrystals recently discovered, including nanoribbons, nanoplatelets, nanosheets, and nanodisks.

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期刊Journal of the American Chemical Society
出版狀態已發佈 - 2011 十月 26

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