Kindling Social Entrepreneurial Journalism

Huei Ching Liu, Chi Cheng Chang, Chao Tung Liang, Ching Yin Ip, Chaoyun Liang

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After a decade of economic crisis and ongoing technological innovation, scholars and journalists have argued that new production patterns for news media are required befitting the emergence of entrepreneurial journalism. This study investigated the effects of prior experience with social problems, empathy, moral obligation, social entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and perceived social support on the social entrepreneurial intentions of 421 Taiwanese journalists. A regression analysis suggests a prominent association of social support with social entrepreneurial intentions, followed by social entrepreneurial self-efficacy, empathy, and prior experience with social problems. No significant association was found between moral obligation and social entrepreneurial intentions.

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期刊Journalism Practice
出版狀態接受/付印 - 2019 一月 1

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    Liu, H. C., Chang, C. C., Liang, C. T., Ip, C. Y., & Liang, C. (認可的出版社/出版中). Kindling Social Entrepreneurial Journalism. Journalism Practice, 13(7), 873-885.