Issues of inquiry learning in digital learning environments: Original Articles

Chun Yen Chang*, Hao Chuan Wang


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The emergence of computer and Internet technologies has been opening a new door to inquiry learning. Two major dimensions regarding the marriage of technologies and inquiry learning are identified. The first dimension is identified as the computers-for- inquiry (CFI) perspective, and the second is the Inquiry-in-Distance- Education (IDE) facet. Researchers at University of California at Berkley have developed web-based environments with designed inquiry activities aiming to improve student's cognitive, social, and meta-cognitive processes in which software agents with limited intelligence play the role of guidance and scaffolding. It is necessary to define appropriate criteria and design corresponding measuring instruments. Newly added components into the practice of science teaching may also challenge and change the research community's existing research paradigms that treat inquiry learning as independent research targets.

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期刊British Journal of Educational Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2009 1月

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