Ionic conductivity and dielectric relaxation studies of LiNaSO4 single crystal

R. H. Chen, Chaw Ming Tseng, C. S. Shern, T. Fukami

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Thermal analysis for LiNaSO4 single crystals by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) had shown a clear endothermic peak at 796.9 K. The enthalpy energy of the structural phase transition, ΔH=11.94 kJ/mol, was measured. The corresponding entropy change, ΔS was 14.98 J/K mol. The dielectric response of LiNaSO4 single crystal under ac electric field was investigated by impedance spectroscopy. Two distinct relaxations in the sample crystal were detected: dielectric dipolar relaxation and ionic conductivity relaxation. The dipolar relaxation peak due to SO- 4 reorientation was found at around 1.5 × 105 Hz, which is temperature independent. The ionic conductivity relaxation due to Li+ was found at the lower frequency and it was temperature dependent. The dc conductivity varied from 6.7×10-8 Ω-1 cm-1 at 423 K to 1.0×10-4 Ω -1 cm-1 at the temperatures above 793 K. The activation enthalpy of Li++ is 1.63 eV in the temperature range between 593 and 793 K. The sample crystal became a fast ionic conductor in the high-temperature phase with the activation energy of 0.08 eV. The ionic conductivity and dipolar relaxations are synchronized in the high-temperature phase of the sample crystal.

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