Investigation of the magnetic and superconducting properties of (Er1-xHox)Rh4B4

J. W. Lynn*, R. N. Shelton, H. E. Horng, C. J. Glinka


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Neutron scattering, susceptibility and resistivity measurements have been carried out for the system (Er1-xHox)Rh4B4 near the multicritical point where the magnetic and superconducting phase boundaries converge (x {reversed tilde equals} 0.9). On the Ho rich side (x > xc) no superconducting state is observed, whereas for x < xc there is a temperature interval T2c < T < Tc1 ere superconductivity exists. For all concentrations studied a transition to a long-range ordered ferromagnet is observed, with the Ho moments ordering along the tetragonal axis. The behavior of the order parameter is mean-field like, indicating that the range of the magnetic interactions is large. For x≈xc the ferromagnetic transition appears to be continuos, and occurs within the superconducting phase, suggesting the coexistence of ferromagnetic order and superconductivity. Below Tm strongly temperature dependent small angle scattering is observed, characterized by a cross section of the Porod form S(Q) = A(T)/Q4. The strength of the scattering A(T) increases monotonically with decreasing temperature.

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期刊Physica B+C
出版狀態已發佈 - 1983 5月

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