Intrinsic motivation as a mediator on imaginative capability development

Chaoyun Liang*, Yuling Hsu, Chi Cheng Chang


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The present study explored which environmental and psychological variables influenced the imagination of video/film major university students, and the effects these variables had on their imaginative capability development. The hypothesis of the study-that intrinsic motivation played a mediating role in imaginative capability development-was partially supported. The structural model also showed that both inspiration through action and self-efficacy demonstrated positive, direct effects on reproductive imagination, while negative emotion had a negative, direct effect. Creative imagination was positively influenced by inspiration through action, but negatively influenced by negative emotion. In addition, organizational measure, social climate, generative cognition, positive emotion, inspiration through action, and self-efficacy had significant and indirect effects on both types of imagination.

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期刊Thinking Skills and Creativity
出版狀態已發佈 - 2013 4月

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