Interfacial magnetic coupling in hetero-structure of Fe/double-perovskite NdBaMn2O6 single crystal

W. C. Lin, C. L. Tsai, K. Ogawa, S. Yamada, Ashish C. Gandhi, J. G. Lin

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The interfacial magnetic coupling between metallic Fe and the double-perovskite NdBaMn2O6 single crystal was investigated in the heterostructure of 4-nm Pd/10-nm Fe/NdBaMn2O6. A considerable magnetic coupling effect was observed in the temperature range coincident with the magnetic phase transition of NdBaMn2O6. When the temperature was elevated above 270 K, NdBaMn2O6 transformed from a state of antiferromagnetic fluctuating domains to a superparamagnetism-like (ferromagnetic fluctuation) state with high magnetic susceptibility. Concurrently, the interfacial magnetic coupling between the Fe layer and the NdBaMn2O6 crystal was observed, as indicated by the considerable squareness reduction and coercivity enhancement in the Fe layer. Moreover, the presence of the Fe layer changed the magnetic structure of NdBaMn2O6 from conventional 4-fold symmetry to 2-fold symmetry. These observations offer applicable insights into the mutual magnetic interaction in the heterostructures of metallic ferromagnetism/perovskite materials.

期刊Applied Physics Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 2018 4月 16

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