Interactive physics-based ink splattering art creation

Su Ian Eugene Lei, Ying Chieh Chen, Hsiang Ting Chen, Chun Fa Chang

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This paper presents an interactive system for ink splattering, a form of abstract art that artists splat ink onto the canvas. The default input device of our system is a pressure-sensitive 2D stylus, the most common sketching tool for digital artists, and we propose two interaction mode: ink-flicking mode and ink-dripping mode, that are designed to be analogous to the artistic techniques of ink splattering in real world. The core of our ink splattering system is a novel three-stage ink splattering framework that simulates the physics-based interaction of ink with different mediums including brush heads, air and paper. We have implemented the physical engine in CUDA and the whole simulation process runs at interactive speed.

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期刊Computer Graphics Forum
出版狀態已發佈 - 2013 10月

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