Informetric analysis on open-access high productivity authors in biomedical area

Yen Lin Wen*, Ji Lung Hsieh


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The study investigated publishing behaviors of high productivity authors who have ever published papers in biomedical open access journals (OAJ). In this study, 2,927 academic papers published by 30 high productivity authors were collected from Web of Science (WOS) database. The results of this study showed that: 1) the categories of the academic journals and in which the number of the 30 productivity authors' papers are displaying power law distribution; 2) the percentage of the 2,927 papers in OAJ is 36% and is increasing year by year; 3) the correlation between journal impact factor and the number of the papers is modestly positive correlated; 4) with regard to the number of paper citation, the correlation between the mean journal impact factor and the citation of the papers is highly positive correlated; it's notable that, in this study, to be compared with non-OAJ, OAJ has no citation advantage to these high productivity authors, and this result differs from the predecessors' researches.

期刊Journal of Educational Media and Library Science
出版狀態已發佈 - 2014 一月

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